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I created this business alignment coaching series to help you feel clear, aligned and confident as you build, grow and expand your beautiful business

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It's time to make your business work for you.

It's time to align yourself to more ease, joy and flow in your business.

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Workbook + Meditation
Download these supportive materials to get started
Expand the Energy of Your Business

This 21-minute meditation is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling a little ‘left behind’ in your own business, if you’ve been comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, not sure how (or even if!) to move forwards, and if you’re tired of being on the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

You might also use it to expand what’s possible for you financially, or to help you be (and feel) more seen, or to support you in creating new products or offerings that feel aligned and supportive.

Momentum Workbook
Six things to do during a slow client week


In this workbook, I'll guide you through six incredibly important things you can do during any slow period in your business, to invite flow and momentum back into your business, to align your energy to amazing new ideal clients, and to help you feel secure and confident in how you're building your business (slow client weeks and all!).

If you're keen to find your momentum and flow in your business, this workbook is for you.

Coaching Video #1
Clearing overwhelm and finding clarity

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed in your business (and seriously, who hasn’t?!), you’ll know what I mean when I say it can feel crushing, confusing and confining.

This coaching video is centred around helping you understand where all that overwhelm is coming from, why it’s keeping you from doing the work that matters, and how to master the energy behind your (million and one!) ideas so you can focus on the very next (and very important!) steps you need to take in your business.

Coaching Video #2
Releasing comparison in your business

I see so many women building their business, while also spending so much energy looking around at everyone else building their business, often leaving them feeling as if they’re constantly playing catch-up.

I know what comparison can feel like in business; it’s draining, depleting, and can feel like it’s pulling you backwards.

Let’s clear all of that in this coaching video. Your business is enough.

Coaching Video #3
Pivoting in your business with ease

Things change in business. Our passions change, our focus can change, we can change our mind.

What do we do when we face change in our business, and how do we gracefully navigate these new waters, pivoting our business, passions and focus, ensuring we attract the right customers and clients along the way? That’s what we’ll focus on in this coaching video.

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I hope you're feeling clear, confident and aligned, allowing you to take steps forward to build, grow and expand your beautiful biz.

Love, Cass x
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